Syndicate FAQ

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  • Can Anyone Play Syndicates?

    Yes, Our Famous LottoHQ Syndicates are open to all Registered Customers.

  • What Happens when all the shares in a Syndicate are not Sold ?

    In the unlikely event that a Syndicate does not sell all it's shares, we purchases the remaining shares. All syndicates advertised on the site play in the draw.

  • How is the Prize Winnings Shared in a Syndicate?

    All members who purchase a Syndicate share are eligible for a portion of any winnings the syndicate wins.

    If a Syndicate has 20 Shares, and you by 1 Share, then you will receive 1/20th of any Prize Money the Syndicates wins. If you purchase more than 1 share you will receive a greater share based on the number of shares purchased.

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